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How to Properly Apply Makeup ? We give you some tips on how to apply makeup for a more beautiful look…How to Properly Apply Makeup ?

1. Start with Moisturizer

It’s crucial to moisturize in the morning and evening, regardless of whether you have dry, oily, or mixed skin. Also, don’t forget to use sunscreen in the morning. Before applying moisturizer, I advise using a cleanser and toner (particularly at night!). Then he lightly rubs his flesh.

He explains, “I take the moisturizer, warm it between my palms, and then massage it into the skin in circular upward and outward strokes.makeup artist

2. Apply Foundation

Depending on your comfort level, you may apply foundation using your fingers, a beauty sponge, or a foundation brush. When applying a modest amount, such as a single application of a lightweight liquid foundation or cream, Maulawizada prefers to use his fingertips.

He loves to evenly distribute the foundation using a synthetic brush for a look that is more full-coverage. He then covers the flat areas of the face with foundation before covering the T-zone with less foundation on the brush. “This will give the impression that there is less makeup,”best makeup.

3.Conceal Where You Want More Coverage

Similar to foundation, you may apply concealer using your fingers, a beauty blender, or a cosmetic brush, but the brush will give you a more polished appearance. But with concealer, a little really does go a long way. It should only be used on the areas you want to conceal.

Start off light and add more concealer as needed to hide dark circles beneath the eyes. “The sensitive skin around the eyes might get cakey with concealer.” Next, dab a little on any blemishes or red areas, and wait a few minutes for the product to set before dusting on any sort of powder.

4. Add Back Some Color to Your Face

Because you may use it as a contour or a warming support like you’ve just returned from the beach, it is versatile. You only want to add color when using it as a contour to sculpt your cheekbones and jawline because the sun already changes the hue of your skin. “Contour should match the color of the shade on your skin,” he continued, so be cautious not to select a hue that is too deep for your skin tone. “[Focus on] your hairline, the bridge of your nose, and the high points of your cheekbones.”

6. Highlight the High Points

6. Experiment With Eyeshadow

Although there are many ways to do this, there are a few basics to keep in mind. Light colors that are closest to your skin tone work as a foundation. “The eye shadow gives a detailed structure. She uses the shadows in between to blend the two perfectly on the eyelid.”

7. Swipe on Mascara

When applying mascara, we often do so slightly differently from makeup experts and regular folks. Try this if you frequently use it: “I shake the mascara from the base of the lashes and work it on to the ends after curling the lashes.” The result is a thick, black lash line at the lash root.best mascara