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The story of a dog from suffering, despair, homelessness and hunger to clinging to life and a decent living…dog suffering

There are lots of us. We founded an organization to rescue stray and abandoned animals, provide them food and water, cure their illnesses, and give them a dignified existence filled with love and hope.

Due to his miserable life on the streets and his suffering from disease, the locals alerted us about this unfortunate dog.

At that point, we got up and responded to the human plea since it deserved a better life.

I approached him carefully and gave him food to calm down and feel safe…After that, I lured him to the car and took him to the shelter and took care of him and cured him of all diseases

After months of treatment, love and a decent life, he became a member of the family. He is a tender dog and loves to play and live because he deserves the best.

Look at his smile and his joy, it is an expression of a dog who loves life, I love him